Excel cant open in Teams

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We have a problem with Teams.

Opening the Excel file in Teams is not possible, i can open the file by clicking right mouse button to a new browser, but by default can`t open in Teams.


Any idea`s how to resolved this issue?

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Try this if using the desktop app

1.) Log out of Teams and exit the Teams program completely from the Task Bar
2.) Flush the Teams cache (
3.) Fire up Teams, Login again
4.) Try to open the excel in Teams

If you are using the web app, try downloading the file out and re-uploading the file and see if it works then

Let me know how it goes. Hope it manages to fix your issue

Best, Chris

@Christopher Hoard 


Thanks for solution, but i think i forgot to telling, its on vdi environment.

Whe create a new vdi, but its not working.

I can open Teams and i can also open excel file with clicking on right mouse button.

Its not open by default.

Problem has been solved. Thank you verry much.

How was this resolved out of interest? @Aydin5579 

How was this resolved?

@Alan Jones


I was able to rename the  %appdata%\microsoft\teams\cache\index file to indexold

rename the %appdata%\microsoft\teams\Service Worker\{GUID} folder to {GUID}OLD


When Teams is started again it will replace these files and everything for me worked.


Good Luck