Emergency Location Not Updating on Client after Moving locations/network connection

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the emergency location is not updating correctly after moving from one location to another.

I'm currently using wired locations.

I have not logged out of teams and back in, as this seems to be the only suggested work around, instead of getting a fix to solve this.

my log has all of the items showing but it is staying on the "Site" match and not using the port level match.

this is not good.


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Teams will only change the network after the Teams Application determines there is a change in the IP Address from which it is connected. After moving from one location to another location the IP should get updated only after a period of 15mins that is my understanding. Can you check if that address prompts comes after 15mins.

If the issue persist let me know we can look and report the bug to the Microsoft Product Group.

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Satish Upadhyaya


15 minutes for an update to take affect is not acceptable.

It should be in the 5-7 minute range, with right away being the goal.



I understand that it is not acceptable. Can you test it and check if the address gets updated?

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