Dynamics 365 integration with Teams

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I'd like to know how the D365 ERP integrates with MS Teams.


My organization will be implementing D365 ERP around June of this year. We already have Dynamics CRM and will be adding F&O, etc. 


Ideally, we can have users stay within the Teams environment/UI to do at least some F&O tasks in Dynamics, without going to their browser. That would help us get deeper adoption of Teams among our systems-wary users. Any intel on this would be appreciated.

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Right now I wouldn't recommend it if you mean bringing the Web interface directly into Teams. Anytime you leave your window for a chat etc. you lose where you are in a web app. I almost only use Teams for very in and out file edits and or views. Anything you "stay in" or takes a few clicks to get somewhere will be a very frustrating experience due to Teams not saving the windows state when you navigate away.

You can have a tab linking to something, but make sure to train how to pop out to browser anyway. In the end usually best to stick to an Intranet linking around until they fix this issue.

There is a connector for contacts etc. but it's mostly a web tab app with some chat integration. You can do some power Automate things for integration and create some Cards to do some actions based on some triggers if you want etc.