Does voicemail history in the Teams app only work for DDI's?

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I have had a request to look into an issue a client is having and I suspect the feature I am looking for is not supported, I just cannot find any official documentation to state this. 


In the Teams app under Calls, Voicemail. It only ever shows calls from numbers, not Teams user to user. From the Microsoft documentation I believe this is picked up from the users Outlook and I have compared the voicemail email from both a number and a user, they are exactly the same but it only seems to pick up any voicemail from a number. 


I have tested this out on 3 different Tenants and get the same result. Can anyone shed any light on if the voicemail feature in the Teams app is only supposed to show VM's from numbers or should it also show if a Teams user has left a VM? 


FYI on all accounts I have used, they have a Teams phone standard license

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