Does Teams sync new Outlook contact group ?

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Hi all,


I have some issues to synchronize a new outlook contact group with Teams.

When I add a contact in outlook, I can see it in Teams after a Teams reboot.

But when I add a new outlook contact group, I cannot see it (group or contact in the group) in Teams. 


Is it "normal" ?


Thanks a lot !

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After a quick chat with MS, it's not possible to get contacts in Teams from another repertory that "My Contacts" in Outlook.


Steps are simple:
1- Go to outlook.

2- Click on Address book in the Home bar.
3- Click the first contact.
4- Click on the Shift + down arrow to select all contacts.
5- Click on File.

6- Select Add to contacts.
7- Confirm the steps above by clicking on outlook contacts to make sure if all contacts were synced. 
8- Open Teams and see the Calls/ Contacts list (it might take some time to sync).
DONE, hope this answers your question. 

why would Microsoft not allow this?  Hard to believe that Microsoft Outlook and Teams cannot talk...