Does Microsoft Teams have an equivalent to WebEx Personal Rooms


My company is trying to decommission Webex in favor of using Microsoft Teams. Some of our Webex users use their "personal room" feature in Webex. They then send out a link to their personal room so that recurring or one-off meetings always go to their room. People can just drop-in and the link doesn't expire. Is there a way to do something like this in Teams? Thank you!

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@Christine Green 


Hi, there are two meeting options in Teams.  These are "Meet Now", and "Schedule a Meeting"


I would say that the Ad-Hoc Meet Now option is the most similar to the webex personal room experience and can be used to set up quick, convenient meetings easily.

@Christine Green 


This isn't how Teams is set up to work, it's a bit like giving me the key for one meeting but I could come back later and listen to anything else I fancy, the key still works. Say I was a journalist who interviewed your CEO, I could dial in and listen to the next Executive meeting etc.. It should not be necessary, it takes a second to add Teams to a meeting, and a second more for people to join in Teams on their laptop or mobile. It tends to stem from people who are used to dialling in, and want to save the whole number in their phones address book, just use the calendar in Teams.


I have seen people who refuse this create themselves one recurring meeting (each instance still has the same link/dial in details) and then use that. Typically they give up pretty quickly, as they get used to Teams they realise it's all just easier the way the product was intended.

@PeterRising Thanks for your response. I am sending your note as well as Steven's to the Webex user and will work with him to get him used to using Teams.

@Steven Collier Thanks very much for your example and guidance on this. I'm following up with the Webex user to get him more comfortable with using Teams. He's been using the Webex personal room link in his signature block so that customers can book time with him via Calendly. I'll see if he can switch to Bookings, which I believe should do the same thing.

@Christine Green 


No specific need for him to change, Calendly integrates with Teams if you wish to allow it ...

@Steven Collier Thanks - Bookings is working out well. Trying to keep to Microsoft suite when possible.

@Steven Collier I think this is a pretty reasonable request. Not every company uses the entire Microsoft ecosystem so having the ability to send someone a URL which will always work to join a meeting is very useful for me when I need to send it to someone via SMS, Slack, or non-Microsoft email.  I've been pretty surprised that this feature is not offered in Teams and if there is a way to upvote this feature somewhere I would definitely do it.

Webex Already has Meet now also.
The personal room benefits are we don't need to go to the mail client to create a meeting. If anyone joined a meeting using a personal meeting link, we would get notified by mail.

Fyi, you can no longer vote at as it looks like Microsoft has abandoned using as per previous announcements. Was working last week when I redirected one of our Webex users complaining about this issue.

Adding a reply from Microsoft:

"Actually, UserVoice is still in effect until later this year for Teams - the past few days we've experienced an administrative glitch and we are working hard to get it reinstated. When we are ready to move to a new tool, everyone will get plenty of notice. In the meantime, we ask for your patience while we work out this temporary issue. Thank you."