Disabled users removed from Teams

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I have a customer that wants to know why a team owner was selected as having removed users from a team when he didn't remove them.  The scenario:

Three users were disabled in AD. They were not removed from syncing to O365.  My customer believes this removed them from all team sites.

One team has 12 owners and the activity for the team (user joined the team, user left the team, owner removed user from team) shows that OwnerD removed all 3 members from the team.  So my customer wants to know why that Owner was selected instead of one of the other 11 owners and how this selection process happens.  There is concern because that owner did not remove the users from the team and now there is a log stating he did.  If disabling the users is what cause them to be removed from the team (which to me, personally, does not make sense but all I got to work with is what I've been told has happened by the customer), why doesn't it say something like "system removed user from the team"?

I'm also looking into the O365 Log as well as talking to the customer to see if I can figure out what happened, but this owner is adamant that he did not remove these users from the team.


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@Raechel Moermond we have the same issue occurring as of Friday last week. Also seeing posts on the general channel for users being added by 'X', who definitely did not actually add them, including "unknown users". We're currently trying to understand why users are suddenly being added/removed, why some are showing as "unknown", and why Teams is claiming that a particular Teams owner has performed the action when they did not.


@chai1900 From what I can tell, this event happened Wednesday for my customer.  I didn't get the notice from the customer until Friday, but I can see in the string of emails that it happened Wednesday.


Thanks @Raechel Moermond . I've just checked some of the other Teams sites in our tenancy, and can see instances of users being added to a Team by an owner who did not add them, being logged as early as Tuesday 31st March. 




can you give me the links to any other posts?  It seems nobody has an answer to my question here, so i'm hoping there's something more on the other posts


@Raechel Moermond 


As nobody got back to us I ended up running our own investigation with a third party. The best they could come up with was an update from Microsoft had caused a bug in the way that it reports additions and removals from a team when membership is managed automatically by an active directory group (and mistakenly reports that a Team owner performed an action). They suspect this will be fixed or patched later, but we are raising it with Microsoft anyway for more information.


We haven't been able to determine whether the Owner that teams picks in its message is a random owner, or determined by another factor.


@Raechel Moermond We're also seeing this behavior. It's actually a very disruptive problem. Users are being furloughed or laid off. The "has left the team" announcements are already hurting moral. In addition not being able to suppress the announcements but now to having the appearance of coming from a random Team owner (and not an admin or service account) is REALLY upsetting people. 


Given the state of many businesses during this challenging time - this is an unbelievably cruel bug! 


@chai1900  - I spoke with our team today regarding your question.  

Teams has some background workflows today that perform actions on behalf of existing owners when syncing changes from Groups to Teams. There is planned work to move this to a system context so it will not show up as a random owner doing it. I do not know the timeline at this time.
In addition, there is an ask to suppress the 'user left the team' message and we are doing some work to mitigate this so that information is not shown in the general channel as it is today. I urge you to vote on this UserVoice item if you agree that the join / removed names should not be listed in the General channel to everyone.  you can find that here: https://microsoftteams.uservoice.com/forums/555103-public/suggestions/35515990-users-added-to-team-l... - The team is aware of this ask and working on that experience now - additional votes may influence timing of this one.  
Thank you for sharing the context for the ask.

@Laurie Pottmeyer 


Will this also prevent a user whose sign in is blocked (BlockCredential:True) from being removed from a Team and its Channels? We expire accts in AD during vacation and map this to blocked sign in in AAD, and this is removing them from all their Teams!