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I am using Steel series Arctis 3 blue-tooth headphones which have really good background noise cancelling built-in. When i use Teams for teleconferences/video conferences, the Teams background noise cancelling cancels out some of my voice as well. How do I disable the Teams noise cancelling feature?

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@LASHAR1991 I'm having a very similar problem.   I have my own noise filtering app which works much better than what Teams tries to do.  Unfortunately Teams' built in filtering messes up and filters out every other word I say.  Luckily, I can just disable my noise filter app, but I'd prefer to use it if I can.


Did you ever find a solution?


I have the same problem, when im using teams on my laptop and my laptop fan make very loud noise, they cancelling my voice instead of the laptop fan...


so people cant hear me, when i'm talking...

Also when i'm trying to use an external microphone (rode nt-usb) they handle my microhpone volume to 100% so it blast all speakers away and the problem there is that it doesn't sounds great... (I have unchecked that 3th party apps cant handle my microphone volume, but teams is not listening to that)

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The only response you would hear from Microsoft would be to use devices that they have certified, these kind of issues are the reason they need to have a certification process. I have a decent Blue Mic and DSLR Camera sat beside me I use for YouTube, but I use a certified webcam and speakerphone for Teams calls to ensure it's totally reliable.


There is one exception, in a Live Event where you could well be receiving an audio feed from professional equipment there is a switch within the meeting called Auditorium Mode that adjusts the noise cancellation. Unfortunately you can only use it in a Live Event.


Here's the list of certified devices


I got the same problem, have you figured out any solutions to this.



As per the latest release from MS Teams below are the steps to disable the noise cancellation feature.


1. Go to Setting




2. Go to Device Settings and choose noise suppression level to Low or Off.





I use a Virtual Audio Cable and the Audio Mixer in OBS to control my audio and add my own filters.  When I show videos and sometimes play music during my classes, my students will sometimes not be able to hear them.  The Audio will cut out.  So even with the option to turn it off, it still does things.  

Zoom and Discord do not have this problem.  It is only with Teams.  If there is an off button, then it should mean off.  How do we get them to fix this.  Can they add an option to allow original audio (in other words, have no filters whatsoever from Teams)?

Acoustic Echo: Cancel AEC in MS Teams
This is a good blog on Teams Audio, but it's in german.

The underlying problem, teams works with IMO with unrevealed behavior, and with "hidden" interfaces/technologies, which is the difference to other products like Zoom.
So even with a DAW like Cubase 11 or others, you're able to use VST plugins, but teams don't care and you also have no idea why it went wrong. Same with OBS.
Even if I like Teams, this is very annoying and I would wish more transparency and flexibility. Buying overpriced certified (Software) DSP solutions is not an option.

Good Article.  @Thomas Huth