Direct Routing - Q.850 Cause 63 Get Inbound Direct routing - no trunk config found in ACMS


I'm currently attempting to setup Direct Routing on a new SBC cluster which is a direct copy of an existing server with just new FQDNs and IP addresses.


I can make calls fine from all users, however inbound calls get the following Cause 63 Forbidden message:


REASON: Q.850;cause=63;text="3590c12b-5610-41e1-9266-1d135e125008;Get Inbound Direct routing - no trunk config found in ACMS."


I've attempted to remove and recreate the users on the SBC domain as well as remove and add licences but I still get the same.


The SIP INVITE looks identical to the platform that works apart from the FQDN now being the new cluster address which is active on the Tenant.


Has anyone seen this specific trunk config ACMS error before?

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In the INVITE message to Teams from the SBC.  Can you check the message and check that the SBC FQDN is correct and matches the OnlinePSTNGateway configured?


You want to make sure it's not the local FQDN e.g. your SBC may be contoso.local but the MS FQDN is configured as  If the SBC isn't configured correctly, it could be sending out the wrong FQDN which means MS wouldn't accept your incoming message