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Hi Microsoft Teams team, 


When is MS going to make teams room more accessible such as Zoom Room. I literally had to go through hours and hours of research just to put the teams image on Surface Pro then to find out that it requires a dock and not mention you require an Enterprise Windows edition plus with a particular version as well. 


Our organisation currently has Zoom rooms and we are also using Office365. I was looking push users to teams and thought if we have teams room more users will move towards Teams. But setting up a teams room is such a convulated process, that I have now officially given up. 


Unlike Zoom rooms which takes me like 30mins to setup excluding hardware installation and I have been able to setup on pretty much any devices as long as there is a PC, Camera/mic, TV and iPad it just works. While the first hurdle before I being is, we need to buy "Microsoft certified devices". Surely if you guys are really looking to get corporation to use Teams you have to make it simple to setup and device agnostic. Else I don't see existing "Zoom" companies like us will ever move over to teams. 


So please do let me know when you are or if you going to be moving to a more user friendly setup. Thank you. 

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Thanks for the feedback. I understand the frustrations having heard this many times over the past few years. Whilst the certification program makes sense in terms of legitimacy, the process ought to be smooth, easy and accessible. It's something certainly being capitalized on by Zoom. I like the idea of a device agnostic Teams Room


I would recommend raising this as a feedback on the Teams Feedback portal. I am sure you will a lot of votes for it - me being one


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Hope that answers your question


Best, Chris 

Thanks Chris, did not realize that portal existed, I have now sent them my frustration/rant... It was just really frustrating, trying pouring hours and hours to try to get it work, just not feasible for a corporate environment which already has existing hardware to retrofit.