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Hi there!  Wondering if there is a way to change what default view Teams opens up to?  We have a small company that regularly holds boardroom and collaboration meetings with various members of our staff.  However, every time we log into our boardroom computer, Teams opens up private conversations, confidential chats, etc. in 1080p across our entire boardroom projector screen for everyone to read and see.  Is there a way that we can have Teams not open up chats or channels every single time we log in?  We do not want to remove Teams from startup, we want Teams to open up and not blast private conversations across a boardroom full of people.  Thanks in advance and sorry if this has been posted before.

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AFAIK no! There’s no way to change the default view.

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@LesterBee Rather than a shared computer in your meeting room, you may want to consider setting up a Microsoft Teams Rooms solution. You can watch an introductory video and read more about it here

Curious use case. Are people logging in their personal user accounts to the shared PC? - would they not be better plugging in laptops/screen sharing?

Anyway. I wonder if we could use deep links to start teams and direct it. I don’t think so but will try to find time to test.
Interesting idea:white_heavy_check_mark:
Change Display setting of your computer to "Extended Screen" mode. You can drag the content to 2nd screen which you would like to show.


this is a bit hacky, but if you don't have teams auto start, then you use this URL to invoke the client starting, it will start on the schedule new meeting dialog.


Not what it's designed to do, don't blame me if it explodes etc.

more info on deep links



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