Custom Background Images for Teams Meetings



Teams allows you to use a set of images selected by Microsoft as the background for meetings. It’s a nice feature, even if it lacks the ability to upload and use a custom image of your own. This capability was promised, but it looks as if Microsoft knows they need to some work on admin framework before they allow people to upload their own images.

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@katesteventon Hi Kate,


I hope that you found the location of the pictures in MS Teams, If not see below:


@TonyRedmond now that's a useful idea. Tx


Hi Tony I am super Excited that I joined this custom backround club!:happyface:






You mentioned that you had some internal policy that was blocking the Background Effects from showing up. Just wondering if you can elaborate what that might have been.

We are seeing something similar within our company. The background effects are working just fine on peoples home PCs, but not on their Company PCs and they are running the same version of the Desktop app and have still only have the ability to Blur on the Company PC. So they have AVX2 support.

We have an open ticket with MS support, but so far they have not been very helpful.

Thanks for any insight that you might be able to share.

@Daniel Watsonwe had the same problem and still are. Our Office365 accounts for some reason don't show background options. However, if I log out and log in with my personal Office365 account and then checked for updates I got it to update to Prior to that it kept saying I was current with .8663. Then I logged back into my work account and backgrounds showed up. So my assumption is certain accounts need an even newer version in order to allow it to show up. Some people (not in our organization) got it to work with .8663 and others didn't (like us). You also might try going to this link to download BUT MAKE SURE YOU ARE NOT LOGGED IN TO YOUR ACCOUNT THAT IS HAVING PROBLEMS. It should then let you download .13565.



We do not have any problems updating the version of the Teams Desktop.


We have been getting the latest versions and are currently on the (64-bit) version.


And still do not have the Background Effects feature showing up.

@Daniel Watsonone other thing I noticed was when I logged into a Teams meeting hosted by a different organization it got disabled again. Have you tried hosting from different organizations and see if anything changes?

@JoshNelson, I have not been part of a meeting hosted in a different organization.


We believe that there is something within our Windows 10 build or some setting that is getting in the way and blocking this feature from showing up.


When using Teams on a non-company PC with the same account, we have no problem getting the Background Effects feature to show up and that has been the case since the feature first started showing up.


I know of at least around 30 or more other people within our Company who have seen the exact same thing.


Since we started working from Home, a lot of them have been running Teams on their Home PCs and seeing the Background Effects feature. Then when they have been coming back into the office and using their Office PC again, they still do not have the feature showing up. Even though they are running the same version or even in some cases a newer version than what they had at home.

@Daniel Watson 


I have the same here on our envirorment the background effects are not show. actually i am on version but still no background effects... this on a Surface Pro so that should support it...

when i use my small little private notebook, there it works fine on a older teams version...

If the View options from the View folder does not display Library folder, under the Go folder (located adjacent to View tab) click "Go to folder" and type Library. If you have no success, type Microsoft and you will reach the required destination Microsoft/Teams/Backgrounds/Uploads. Delete any unwanted image you want to get rid of!



I'm working on a Mac and I was able to find the Backgrounds folder without problems... my issue is that I've added custom backgrounds onto the Upload folder, but they don't show up for selection in Teams... I've even tried to change one of the existing images in the backgrounds folder, but also without success :(

Has anyone faced this problem before?


PS: I'm using version

@warlockpt I did have the same issue. You can now directly upload images through Teams. When I did that the image showed up as a choice.

Okay but where do u get the background when we do a video call on microsoft teams please

Are you asking how to activate the background options? @MP74639 The three dots at the top of the screen is where you'll find the "apply background effects" action. You can use one of the default images or upload your own.

 mr l dont have the background can you tell me why @TonyRedmond 

why l dont have background can you tell me and how tombut the background because l dont have it