Cross Posting in Teams and Tags

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I moderate multiple teams consisting of different groups of people. I often need to post important information to the various different groups and tag them in notifying them of the post. 


I have been searching for an efficient way to do this, I know you can cross post between teams, but tagging 'general' only seems to work in the original team post and not in the teams where I have cross posted.  The only way I have found is to cut and past in each team and tag 'general' each time.


This is time consuming as some times I need to post the same message into over 50 teams.


There has got to be a way to cross post and also tag members of different Teams.

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@KJCropp If you can get a list of channelIDs, this tutorial may help you use PowerAutomate to post to the channels and also mention the channel: Mention a Channel or Team – Power Automate - DamoBird365

Thanks I will try that!


Make sure your Microsoft Teams app is up to date. New features and improvements are regularly rolled out, so it's possible that this functionality has been added in a later update.

There are third-party apps and integrations available that extend the capabilities of Microsoft Teams. Some of these may offer the cross-posting and tagging functionality you need. Check the Teams app  store or consult with your organization's IT department for approved third-party solutions.