Creating a hierarchical Teams structure

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We are moving to Teams to manage a variety of projects. One of our major concerns is managing documents associated with any given project. We would like to do this in a consistent manner across projects (we are a small organization with <50 people). So we would like to have a master Team for all Projects with a corresponding file structure addressable through Teams/Files, SharePoint, and OneDrive. The drawing reflects a reasonable facsimile of our intent.

Facsimile of desired Teams hierarchy.  


In this representation, the Master Team in the hierarchy is Our Projects Team, with three subordinate Teams, with Team appropriate channels and consistent file structures. I have not seen anything that indicates this is possible. I have seen where I can essentially copy a Team and replicate the channels, but nothing quite like what we have in mind.

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It looks to me that all you need to do is to create 3 directories whenever you create a project team.

@Ed Woodrick I tested that but it doesn't apply the hierarchy. You get a lot of parallel teams from what I can tell. I may be missing something though.

Hi @Jims-IMLLC 

To maintain consistent file and folder structure, you can consider creating custom templates, and then create Project 1, Project 2, and Project 3 teams based out of the template.




Thank you. I'll review the references.
As I looked at your picture again, you have Teams in Teams, I don't believe that you can do that.
What we do is just create a Team with the name of the project in a consistent format and then go into the files and create the 3 folders that you have.