[Copy Link] no longer an option for Teams Channel posts

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Hi there!

It seems like the [Copy Link] option for posts in Team Channels is no longer available?

Screen Shot 2021-11-05 at 11.34.14 am.png

Does anyone know if this is a new change?
If it is not, does anyone know how to enable the option again?

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It's still here for channel conversations. Try signing out manually (top right corner) to refresh things. Also verify the behavior using Teams on the web.

@dushanti was wondering if you were able to find a solution for this? I have the same issue on browser and in the app - refreshing the session by logging in / out makes no difference. 



Any advice would be much appreciated! 


@cristinar2023 So I have this issue that in some channels copy link to a post is available but in a private channel it is *not* available. Any solution found?

@SusanM111 not yet I'm afraid, it seems that link functionality is only available in public groups for now 


Out of the box yes, only available for General Channel.

But if you want to copy the link to a shared channel or teams channel, a weird work around is to share to outlook to yourself and magically the link is available on Outlook for us to share to others :)

Microsoft should fix these weird UI glitches or at least explain why they exist!

thanks for this, very useful workaround for now :)