Chat History Self-Deleting

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My work chat conversations keep self-deleting. I'll see that I have a message, read it, exit, then come back and the message will be gone. Sometimes the message is gone before I even have a chance to read it. Sometimes the messages will stay for a few days then get wiped. It will also delete my posts before they've been received by anyone but when I type and send again it'll work. 

It will happen in some chat groups but not others. I know my coworkers aren't deleting them because when I ask they still have all the messages on their account. I have uninstalled and reinstalled but it has made no difference. I don't have any other teams accounts so I'm not sure if it's just this one or would be others as well.


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Use in a web browser. See if your messages appear. If so then it’s probably a cache issue. Log out and log back into teams and that should clear it. Uninstall reinstall actually doesn’t clear cache if I remember right.

@mms268 Did you ever figure out what caused this? Or how to recover messages?  It just started happening to me in one group chat.  The messages all disappeared, we typed more, and now those are gone as well.  I tried the suggestion to view in the browser instead, but it's blank there too.