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Has there been change within the last week or so related to Chats/Contacts?  I think my company pushed an update to Teams over last weekend ( currently version ).  Prior to the change when in the Chats section, there use to be a tabular bar that you could easily click 'Chats' (Current chat/chat history)  and 'Contacts'.  The tabular bar was replaced with a drop-down selection.  This change is not as fluid as having a tab at the top to select.


I have highlighted the section where the change has occurred below:


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@Derek Newton It was previously announced in Message Centre as MC196069, you'll also see that this was to make room for the New Conversation button to fit in that area, rather than the top bar or Teams.


As to why, well who knows! My guess is that they need to make more room in the top bar to allow the future search stuff that was announced at Ignite, and we can see here how even a small change creates all kind of knock on effects.



@Steven Collier 

Thanks for the information.  I was unaware of MC196069.


I totally agree with you that a small change can have big effects.  I guess Microsoft knows better than the users <sarcastic grin>.

@Derek Newton 

mine just switched to the new layout from old with the app open and running.

Can't see what I did to change it. Can't change it back.


that just doubled the amount of time to switch between  recent and contacts.

any ideas if uninstalling and re-installing might revert it?


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@Derek Newton I also struggled with this, but found what I consider to be a pretty good solution.  You can "pin" contacts by clicking the 3 dots next to a contact on the "recent" list, and you can sort the pinned contacts, which pretty much gives me what I need.   See the sample below:



@jlibow thanks. That's a great idea.

seeing your contacts and recent chats on the same page. makes for an even faster experience.

Shame MS couldn't have thought of this themselves.




@jlibow Thanks for the idea.  It's definitely better than nothing. My struggle is going to be that I have a quite a few contacts that I would need to pin which would prevent me easily viewing my other chats.  Microsoft just needs to revert back the way it was.


Thanks again!

@Derek Newton I agree that can become an issue.  I don't like the new interface at all.  In fact I liked the Skype interface even better than Teams!

@Derek Newton I agree. This new change is adding time to a task that didn't need to be altered and adding to my frustration level as well. If anyone knows of an idea submission to put it back, I'm happy to vote for it.

@jlibow note that you can only pin 15 conversations in the Chat feature. So if you have group or meeting chats that you want to find quickly + contacts, you run out of pinned space quite fast.

@AndreaWestbrook I would like to pin my team, but I have more than 15 people that report up to me.  This ties back to my last comment.

I received a message that this post has be marked as answered.  I don't know about the rest of you, but I don't consider that to be true.  Maybe a 'slight' workaround at best with limitations was presented, but far from a total solution.  Microsoft should simply revert back to the way it was originally designed.

@jlibow  Thank you for this solution!  I, too, was struggling with the change and this solution helps ease the burden!

This questions was definitely NOT answered. Just a work around was provided, which is not ideal. Hope that Microsoft changes the MS Teams behavior back to having Chats / Contacts tabs.

We are struggling with the same issue.  It used to be so fast and easy to be able to click on Chat or Contacts to switch between the two.  Now we have the extra two clicks to select the dropdown and then Chat/Contacts.  This makes absolutely no sense and has broken what used to be a very simple process.


Does MS have anywhere we can contact them to voice our displeasure with this illogical change?  Everyone on my 15-person team will gladly voice our displeasure and I'm sure once the word gets out within my company there will be hundreds who will chime in also.


@johnmsch I think this is the only place we can voice our opinion/concerns.  I'm not sure, but the more active topics may get their attention.  So get everyone you can to reply into the conversation! :smile:

@Derek NewtonI totally agree with you, it's very important to MS revert this update a turn the Tab View exactly as before. The chat has become a problem after this update!

I agree 100%.  Besides the sheer efficiency issue, many of us need to do everything we can to avoid clicks. Carpal Tunnel/Tendinitis is a rampant ailment and I am one of those affected. Microsoft is one of the worst contributors, moving to more and more mouse clicks. I use keyboard shortcuts more than anyone I've ever met. Those are disappearing as well as browser/cloud based platform apps replace traditional programs. 


MS, Please restore the Option of changing back to Tabs (or something even better) for those who wish to. Twice as many clicks for a simple common function over the course of an 8+hr day really matters.          

Anyone heard anything new about this issue?  This is so frustrating!