Channel hidden by default. How to change?

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Hello, when I create channels in a Team or a org team (Im the admin)


The default way a user sees these are hidden. Even sometimes when the open the team it still wont unhide until they pin it.


As a admin how can i force a new channel in a team to be always shown? 


I choose "automatically show this channel in everyones list, and while it is technically there, its hidden which we do not want.



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I believe it’s only 10 channels that you can make visible as the owner by that setting. Try un tick and set the new channel and see if that works

@adam deltinger 


IM sorry, i dont understand. 


The org team only has two channels in it so far. The second channel is hidden for the test user.


The "Automatically show this channel in everyones channel list" is already checked.  Is there another check box somewhere else?





We have seen the same behaviour on several of our new teams that have been created in the last few days.  Seems to be a bug.

@Travis Burwash  Did you have a fix?  Delete the channel and re-create? Do anything else?


Thanks !

Hi, I am having the same issue with a live environment. We have Teams set up and when creating new Channels within that Team, we choose "Standard - accessible to everyone on the team" for the Privacy - however once its created - the channel is "hidden". We have too many users in Teams to have each one of them go and "unhide" the channel to use it. And Im sure like everyone, we have some less tech-savy users who dont know how to do this without guidance.


We only have 3 channels, and this happens when we delete and create new channels. We have had other "Owners" of the Team create channels, but every time - they are marked hidden, and need to be set to "unhide" per user.


Please advise, @adam deltinger 


We reported this as a bug on Microsoft Uservoice.  Upvote if you're still having this issue.


@Jameson Bozeman 


I don't think bugs should be submitted as ideas.  I'm going to open up a support ticket.  Perhaps you can do the same.

@Damon Betlow 

Thanks for entering a support ticket, I will do the same!  Though uservoice forums are called "ideas", their purpose seems to have expanded to reporting bugs.  Take a look at the bug reports page at to see the verbiage used.  For bugs like this that affect all tenants, it is helpful for MS to use social sites like uservoice to gauge the impact and set priorities on their bugs. 


@Jameson Bozeman 

Support wasn't any help, they pointed me to a similar idea on Uservoice.  However, I did find a workaround.  Checking and unchecking the checkbox on the Channels page has no effect, however if you click the ellipse for the channel and choose Edit Channel, that checkbox does WORK if you unselect it, save, and then reselect it.



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This is also not working for me. I just tested some of the suggestions but none seem to do the trick. I have noticed this issue since the option to auto-show was made available.

Any news / updates regarding that issue? I have colleagues coming up with problems of having hidden channels despite being ticked as "show for members". Thanks!
This fix worked for me.

@Peter_Malakhov I'm having the same problem. channels that users cannot see. I can see since I am the owner. Please advise on how to resolve the issue. It is quite useful. I appreciate you.

This fix does work. YAY.