Changing a display name of a user in MS Teams

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I have changed the user's Display Name in Admin Console of Office 365 to Cassey Coetzee, she already did work in MS Teams as Cassie Coetzee. The new Display Name not coming through on MS Teams.


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@FredvanZyl Do you see the name change taking place in other locations?  Such as web apps?  You can also log out of Teams and log back in to check to see if the change has prorogated sooner vs waiting on it to pass down to the client.  Changes take time to flow down at times.



@Josh Leporati is it possible this change needs to be made in Azure Active Directory admin portal?

@Tony Derricott you could do either spot for a cloud only account / 365 Admin center or Azure AD and see the same action propagate down.


Office 365 Identity Models:


Now, if the account in question is a guest of the tenant, then the only place to make the name change would be in Azure AD admin portal:


You bring up a good point too @Tony Derricott on the sources that can be modified - the assumption here is we are dealing with a cloud only account.  If the account is synced from an on-premise directory, the change would need to happen there then AD Connect would update the object in Azure AD (further increasing some potential time to see the change depending on your configuration).

I have the same issue with on-prem AD accounts synced to AAD. Displayname is updated in AD, AAD, OWA but not in Teams. My own display name is changed in Teams (web and windows desktop app) but not those of all the users from my tenant (neither in Teams on the web nor Teams Desktop App). 


What time period would you consider normal for a change to propagate down @Josh Leporati?


Thank you!

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@HelgeDV I find these very general timings:

On Premise AD -->  Azure AD via AAD Connect:  3 hours (very large organization)

Azure AD --> O365 Exchange: 1-2 hours

O365 Exchange --> Exchange Addressbook: 6 hours

Azure AD --> Teams:  Unsure actually, but well within 24 hours

Note:  I had to quit Teams, and restart it in order to see display name changes.  This is even after 48 hours of a change making it to Teams (checked via Teams web version)

@HelgeDV  I have the exact same issue and setup. Any news on this? I am sitting at about 3 hours since I made the change in AD, I saw it replicate out to O365 and Azure but not Teams. Maybe it's a 24 hour sort of thing?



Not really @techfortune. We basically sat it out. After something like three days all changes were reflected correctly for all users / Teams clients. 

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@FredvanZyl  My name in Microsoft teams was written as 'Mylavarapu Venkata Sai Sri Manasa' and I want to change it to 'Manasa Mylavarapu' I already changed my name in Microsoft account but I am unable to change my name in Microsoft teams



For me, after making the changes in the Tennant, it worked singing out of teams and logging in again, all names updated and the changes were visible. I know its an old post but i hope it helps someone. 

Found a simple solution to make the new initials appear after name change.

Click the profile image in Teams, change image, delete image. New initials pops up.


Seems like the 'initials' are actually an image.