Change the teams background image programatically

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Is it possible to change the teams background picture programatically?

And by programatically I primarily mean using powershell or C# or something like that, but I could easily just make a jig that copies a file to a certain destination with a certain name and then hack the registry to make it happen :)


The usecase is that we have a fun little "quiz" in the start of our standup sessions. I change my background to either a scene from a movie, or something else recognizable, and people just throw guesses at me... Just some fun. But I'd like to make it a bit more automatic, let me fill a folder with images named "yyyymmdd - something.jpg" and make a script that changes todays background based on date.

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Nope. We have no client-side API, most settings can only be toggled by policies. Go vote it up on the Feedback portal:
If you make a more deep search, you will find some solutions that might work such as the following one ;-):
Right, but that only makes the images available for selection within Teams, it does not actually change the currently selected image. Which is what I believe the original ask was.
After fiddling about for a few hours with both registry-comparison before and after image change, and using process monitor to find out what really happens when I change the image (a whole lot actually, including what looks like opening and rewriting the file to disk) I can't figure out what specifies which image to use as background. I've tried checking the .json files that is written to, and several other things.
There are also some network activity when changing the image, but it's encrypted. Maybe the selected image is stored on the graph somewhere, makes sense if the background follows you regardless of which client you use teams on...