Cast Content to dual displays and duplicate/mirror content

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The current experience on MTRoW with dual displays is that if someone casts content from their Teams Desktop client, the content is only displayed on a single display. As a result of casting from the Teams Desktop Client, a call is started  between the MTR and the Teams Client in the room. Video from the MTR (PiP) and the profile picture of the person casting is on the other display.


Is there an option to enable the content being casted to be duplicated to both screens? Looking for a similar control and experiencing to the HDMI ingest setting via custom XML, see DuplicateIngestDefault


I guess the dream would be to allow the meeting room participants to have complete control over content and video layout for both single and dual displays from the touch panel or Teams Remote

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@Paul Cook no, when you cast it's a meeting so one screen will show content and the other participants. Only the HDMI ingest will duplicate the input outside meetings.


Its a reasonable request so I would suggest logging this as a feature request using the feedback portal Microsoft Teams · Community

Thanks. There was an idea posted a few months ago, describing the exact feedback. Thanks for the pointer in the right direction.