Cannot access Microsoft Teams

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Hi, I signed up for Microsoft teams. I was able to set up a team on my first login. But when I tried logging in again, it tells me that "You're not on Teams yet, but you can set it up for your organization." message even though I already signed up.0

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Hi rmendozamz,
There is a bug with the free teams causing this that has a fix in the pipeline. The current work around in to use the email you should have received to “share” the Team with others. On this email is a link that says “manage link” you can bookmark this link which includes a direct link to the tenant etc. to access the Team.

See screenshot.

I must have deleted this email.  Is there any other way?  @Chris Webb 


I didn't get that email either. This is so annoying. 




@Chris Webb 

Same issue. I do not have that email in my inbox too.

@Chris Webb 
I am also having this problem and also did not receive an email.  I know this to be true because I specifically set up a new email account to receive this into and the mailbox is empty except for the welcome message.

Are there any updates to this issue please?

Why in the hell is this happening?  Every time I login to Teams it says "Your not on Teams yet, but can set it up for your oganization".  I DID THAT.  I did the "Signup for Teams" and went through it.  It even tried to launch teams from the browser at the end because it was fine and worked.


BUt whenever I login to Teams it immediately gives the same message again.  It will not allow me into Teams to use it.  WHY?  WHY IS THIS SO COMPLICATED?





I have exactly this problme also


Frustratingly, Teams worked fine when work collaboators sent invitations.

Now I get this loop occurring which suggests I sign up, then invites me to use Skype. No result! Cannot engage with people who send me invites and want to do business through Teams!

I was having the same problem while trying to get Teams set up using Edge. I was caught in the loop and kept entering my account info but never got an email. Then I opened Chrome. As soon as I did, an email arrived but I did not even need to use it. The browser version of Teams opened in Chrome. I clicked the download/install button in the bottom left corner. The desktop version is now installed and running fine. And, I went back to Edge, refreshed the page with the error message and now the browser version of Teams is opened and working in Edge.

@gary123 Because it's Microsoft...

hey im not getting an email can i get help plz



I found a solution for this. I had a meeting today and could not set up teams for myself. When the prompt takes you to the Microsoft pages, at the top right hand corner, make sure you sign in to your Microsoft account e.g outlook, hotmail etc and then the set up will work

I have the same issue as well. It's a permanent loop between "You're not on Teams yet" and signing-in/changing the password. How have they not fixed it by now?


P.S.: I'm on Ubuntu 20.04.1 LTS. Maybe it matters?

@rmendozamz i feel you, i use teams for work and its the same problem. idk why is like that.

@GeorgeVIYes, i had similar issue in my linux laptop, but it works on windows and androind, looks like this is bug only for linux machines?



The feature is not implemented (on "purpose"), as it clearly states here:


It's on portuguese, I'll translate ir for you:
"Teams for your personal life is not yet available for Desktop application. Open the link in your mobile device to join the chat"


Let's hope Microsoft will enable this feature soon.





I can’t access my Microsoft teams account. I have one account with my mobile and another account with my email, I need to merge the two accounts or delete one but can’t access either to do so as the mobile account needs an email and the email account needs a mobile number. Please can you advice how to proceed?
Please assist me I need to access Microsoft Teams for an interview



You don't need MS Teams actually installed to use it for a meeting, as long as the person who is interviewing you has it and sent you a meeting invite by Outlook or Teams directly. You should have an email invite from them which has a link to the meeting. Click it and just use the web app as a guest.