Can you join a Zoom or Webex Meeting from MTR using a zoom meeting ID or Webex meeting number?

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We have a Logitech TAP for Teams and Rally Plus system.  I've been able to get the system to accept meeting requests from Teams, Webex and Zoom.  These show up on the TAP as you would expect.


My question is "Can I manually join a meeting with a Zoom Meeting ID or a Webex Meeting Number from the TAP device (through the MTR interface)?




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The only option for you to join the Zoom and WebEx Meeting manually is connecting the Laptop and joining the meeting.

If you want to use the MTR it will be One Touch Join option only.

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@Satish2805, What do you mean by  "One Touch Join"?  Is "One Touch Join" available for Zoom and Webex from a MTR device?  If so, how is this done?  I don't see that as an option.  I can start a new Teams meeting from the MTR device but that's the only option.


Thanks, again. We have performed the steps shown in the referenced link and we are able to email meeting requests from Zoom and Webex and have them appear in the MTR calendar.  However, I don't see any information on that web page referring to Zoom or Webex "One Touch Join".  Does this refer to joining meetings from a meeting request?  On the MTR device, the new meeting button seems to only apply to creating a new Teams meeting.  



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Hi Tracy, to answer your question, no you cannot join a Zoom or Webex meeting with a Meeting ID. There is no way to dial into the 3rd party lobby or IVR service. You have to invite the MTR room to the meeting or forward the invite, so you get that click to join experience.

I wrote a full post here on the Guest Join Access and a video demo