Can the administrator know about all the calls I made on my MS Teams work account?

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I have received a link to join a call for a job interview. when I pressed the link, it automatically opens the teams app that I am already logged in using my work email. I made the interview and they sent me a message which I received to my work teams account and I couldn't delete the new created channel but I was only able to hide it. I want to know if the administrator is able to know about the interview or if he could watch it ( I don't know if it was recorded) or if can see the chats in that interview but what I am sure about is he was able to see the red circle status which means I was in a call. would he be able to know more details about this call?



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When you join a call which is initiated by a user in a different tenant, your administrator does not have access to any details like recordings etc as these are part of the other tenant. Based on your description, it seems you received a link to the other party’s environment, so nothing to worry about.