Can Teams Meeting Transcripts be hidden so only the Organizers can view them.

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Does anyone know if there is a way of only making the meeting transcripts available to the organizers.


We have meeting where we discuss confidential information about different people, These people attend the meeting one by one in time slots.  We want a transcription as we need a written record of what said but are concerned that the attendees will be able to view the transcription of the other attendees via the  Recording & Transcription tab in the teams meeting area. 


The ideal for us would that only the organizer or co-organizer could access this Tab.


Any ideas would be welcome.




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The only way as I see it is to make the participants join the meeting as anonymous users. I.e. not signed in and a using a browser session. For external users it’s already built-in.

Read more here (scroll down to the table)

You could get them to join a channel meeting of a Team that they're not a member of.

Thanks Christian, This could be worth a try, just need to find a way to make them come in as guests as they will all have their devices logged in their O365 account on their devices.
Thanks for this. We'll give this a try.
Or make them use browser and not signed in :)
We'll have no control over how they join as they will be joining on their own devices. It's a good idea.