Can't remove emailed message in Teams Channel. No delete options.

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I had a user accidentally email the general channel in our main firm's team but there is no way, that I can see, to delete it. There is no "three dots" option on only this message. The sender is not able to delete it, not an owner but still the creator, and I as an owner am unable to delete it.

I am able to remove any other message, as owner and as a global admin on our tenet.  I have the global messaging policy in the Teams admin center to allow owners to delete messages - but there is no option that I can use to remove this message.  Is there anything else that can be done to remove this message?  Is there a PowerShell option that I can use to do it from a script?




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@Jared_Young Have you done an online search on "how to remove emailed message in Teams Channel"?  When I do, I find several videos and articles that may help.


Also, if this community does not respond to your post, you might want to seek tech support assistance at, where there are authorized Microsoft agents available to further troubleshoot with you until your issue is resolved.



Hi Therese. I have done many lookups on this. The details that I included in my original post were added because all of the searches I have done have suggested that I do all of the things that I have already done.
(I realize this is an old post. I write this for those who are still searching for a solution)
As of December 2023....Crazy enough, you can delete the emails in the Teams app on a mobile device. (but not on computers)

Credit goes to another poster who stumbled across the solution.

@CoreyN777  I gave that a try today but it didn't give me any option to delete anything, I'm sad to say. thanks for the reply... I may try different devices and see if that is device-specific. I was using an iPhone when i tried.

Interesting. Myself and the coworker were using Android. Maybe the fact that Android can delete is a bug! :)
Do you know if this has been shared with Microsoft and if they are fixing it for PC?
Glad there is at least 1 solution but would like to be able to delete the messages on PC.

@Lise Arsenault 

I have not reported anything to microsoft. I do not know if anyone else has reported it or asked for this feature to return via user voice