Can only view 1 week on Teams Calendar

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 I have the Teams app on my Samsung Galaxy A5.  It is my personal phone but I use the Teams app to check in for work. I do not have Outlook on my phone. Currently I can only see the current week in my Teans calendar, making it useless for checking my availability when making appointments in the future. Is there any way to change this?

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Hi @Jane_True 


By default even on the Teams Desktop Client we can view only one week of schedule for the calendar. This is by design feature how Microsoft Teams is supposed to work.


This is a requested feature from the Product Team which the team is working on the same to increase the capacity from Week to Month atleast.


Here is the uservoice for the same


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Satish U

Hi @RealTime_M365,


Although I can only view one week at a time on the desktop version, I can move to the next week, and the following weeks using the arrow navigation. On my phone I can only see the current week, and cannot scroll any further. The only dates I can view in any way are in the current week.  I can't see what is coming up in the future by navigating to next week. Is this normal?





Hi @Jane_True 


Yes this is normal on any of the Android devices. I did check with the same on my device too wherein I can too scroll for a week only.


In case you have admin rights you can try this workaround not sure if this would be helpful for you.


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Satish U

Thanks @RealTime_M365 

I don't think this will work on my Android, and I already have Outlook on my desktop so won't need the workaround.

@RealTime_M365 Hi, I have the same problem on an iPad. I can only look ahead one week. Even when I organize a meeting 9 days later, it does not show up in my MS Teams calender. Is there a way to change this?


As other members, I have the same problem on my iPad. As a consequence, I cannot make sure whether scheduled events are indeed scheduled unless they fall within one week from now. But I can see them all right on the laptop app. Is there a rationale for the incoherent behaviour of the app in different OSs? I find it irritating and would gladly welcome a fix.

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Gianni Bedini

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Same here! This is a pretty basic limitation on the (Android?) Teams mobile app, and it would be great if it was updated so that you can move forward weeks as per the desktop app.
I also find this one week only very fustrating. Having teams in phone is useless, always have to go to laptop to see outside this week. In fact, on sunday you cant even see what is happening tomorrow! MS is now working on it 3 years and no hope of ever getting fix for it.
I agree, This is a rediculous limitation.
When on the move the mobile app is the one you use. There should not be a limit to the events you could see.

1. At least make it possible to step through to past and coming weeks to view and edit all your events.
2. Also make it possible to search ALL your events, past and present.
I have the same issue. I’m on the move without my laptop, someone wants to know if I’m free in say 9 days time. I can’t even see my teams calendar that far ahead to check! How is something so simple not a feature??? This teams app is not performing as a work tool without this feature. I use iPhone.
Please sort it or teams is a waste of time otherwise.

@Jane_True it’s happening again. Only one week displays, and for a colleague as well. Both on iOS 17.3.1