Can not share audio as guest on MacOS

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I'm in charge of hosting a conference now and then. Occasionally there's some guests joining the conference who are on MacOS and they share their screen or give a presentation. But external people not affiliated with an organisation (no work or school account) can not launch Teams with its full feature experience and hence the audio sharing feature is missing.


You can see it on the screenshots coming from the guest's Mac:

- the guest is logged in without organisation account and is missing some features (nav bar on the left)

- whenever they click "join" in their calendar or just click the URL directly from their mail or browser a new internet browser window pops up. When clicked on the last option "Open Microsoft Teams App" they get the Teams window to input name and set things up. A new and light version of Teams starts.

- Once they reached the conference session the Teams app is missing features like audio sharing.


Note: Even after trying to "sign in" again in this new Teams App Light, they can not get past this new Light version experience.

Theoretical workaround, but not viable: The guests with their private Microsoft account can set up a Teams conference themselves in their full desktop Teams app and give the invite link to all the other ones (including me). Then the guest is running in full desktop experience and has the feature to share audio.


But this is not viable, since there is sometimes more than just one guest without a proper business account.


I have tested this is one of my guests and with my own private microsoft account on a spare MacBook.

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With audio sharing I assume you're referring to sharing the system audio? If so, this requires the installation of a driver on macOS, and the browser version of Teams cannot install such system level drivers. Having said that, even in the actual Teams client there seems to be an issue with the latest version and installing the required driver (which seems to fail on some macOS devices)

Hi Paul, thanks for the quick response. So the guest has installed the full desktop app alongside the required system driver. When he sets up the meeting with his Teams app everything's working fine. But when I invite him and he wants to join the meeting, an internet browser window appears and routes him back to another Teams app which is a stripped down version of the full desktop app. This Light version does not offer system audio sharing as seen in my screenshots.

Okay, so I figured this much:


  • Business accounts use the "full" desktop version
  • A scheduled meeting hosted by a business account can not be joined with a private account. The meeting will only be joinable as a guest.
  • On MacOS there is no such thing as system audio sharing when joined as a guest with the light version of Microsoft Teams.

I don't think I've run into a bug, rather than just a lacking feature. I do hope, this feature is going to be available soon. Until then I have to use other meeting tools. :\