Can I create a desktop shortcut to a Teams file?

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I have a spreadsheet that I update frequently. I'd like to move it from my local folder to a Teams/Files folder.  If the file is in Teams, can I create a desktop shortcut to the file so I can open it quickly?



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You have two options. You can use open in SharePoint button once uploaded to get to the file in SharePoint )where your files are stored in teams) and open the file. Here you can copy the URL and create a shortcut file on your desktop and paste that in.

Another option would be to open in SharePoint. Then if you have onedrive setup you can utilize the add to onedrive / my files link for the channel. This will add a link with the files In your onedrive folder synced to your computer which you can then create a desktop shortcut for those files.

Same can be done with sync but that’s the old method and recommend using the add to my files / onedrive option over it.
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@Chris Webb 

Another option is inside of Teams:

  1. go to the Files tab of the Team for the file you wish to create a shortcut to.
  2. click the Show actions dots [...] for the file
  3. click Open >
  4. click Open in browser
  5. If your file opens in Edge
    1. click the Edge browser options dots [...]
    2. click Apps
    3. click Install this site as an app
    4. either use the default name, or edit to create your preferred file name
    5. click [Install]
    6. wait for the file to open
    7. select your choices for "Allow this app to"
    8. click [Allow]
  6. If your file opens in Chrome
    1. click the Chrome browser options dots RLSmithMSDOT_0-1654179403093.png


    2. click More tools >
    3. click Create shortcut...
    4. either use the default name, or edit to create your preferred file name
    5. Chrome has an option to "Open as window"
      1. Select/check the box will cause the file to open in an "Excel" window
      2. Leaving the box unchecked will cause the file to open in a Chrome browser window

You should now have a shortcut directly to the file.


Thanks to you both for the suggestions.

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I can't believe that something so superficial hasn't been built into Teams yet!  No one in my company uses Teams now.  One reason is all the dead ends we run into, after you have exerted a ton of effort to set up a space, and then we run into dozens of frustrations like this one.

Can you imagine explaining these instructions to a group of marketeers (or any other team of employees who aren't specialists in software)?  First they throw you into the pond, and then they throw more money at microsoft for unusable products.

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To you who offered such creative solutions, thank you.



Thank you for the information!  However, when I tried to use Chrome to set up the shortcut, it did not work for others.  I created the shortcut, and it works for my computer, but if I put the shortcut on the network and others try to use it, it only opens up Chrome, not the file.  Please help.  Any information would be greatly appreciated.