Calls being forced on Hold

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Prefacing with I don't see this being a problem. I know a solution, I just don't have that level of authority.


The issue at hand is this, 

One user is calling in on a cellphone(using basic call function and not teams) the other user is using teams via phone/computer. When the computer user shares their screen it puts the call on hold. 


I understand that the easiest solution is to have both users on teams. My boss wanted verification on if Microsoft is aware and looking in to this problem. Any help is appreciated thanks

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So if my understanding is correct here is the issue you are referring to.

User A on Microsoft Teams makes a PSTN Call to User B on mobile device. User B answers the call on PSTN but when User A shares the screen with User B the PSTN leg of call is put on hold.

If my understanding is correct this would happen. Because when you share the screen with a user on Teams a separate call leg is initiated and this would put the PSTN Call on hold.

The behavior is same in case someone is on a Teams Meeting on the mobile device and receives a PSTN Call on mobile the Teams Meeting call goes on hold.

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Is there a way that allows the screen sharing to work via teams and also allow user to pick up call using cisco Jabber ??

We've had to resort to alternative screen sharing solutions (GoTo) when already on a PSTN call because of this issue.
It isn't always convenient or reasonable to have to terminate a call just to get everyone together on a Teams call when screen sharing is needed.
I'm not sure why screen sharing in teams requires creating a separate call leg, when other apps like GoTo doesn't have this side effect?