Call „from outside” not coming in when I am in a Teams meeting

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I recently had a phone number added to my MS Teams account.
If anyone from „outside Teams” calls this phone number, MS teams show an incoming call and I can pick it up. 

The problem is, that when I am taking part in an MS teams meeting, I do not get any notification that someone is trying to call me from „outside Teams”. The caller hears a busy (engaged) signal and I do not even realise that someone is trying to call. 

I would expect this to work, like when someone from Teams is trying to call me, when I am in another Teams meeting - then, I can put the first meeting „on hold” and pick up the second call. 

This does not seem to work when someone from outside is calling the phone number attached to my Teams account. 

How can I edit the settings, so that the caller will not hear a busy signal straight away and I can see that this second call is coming in? 

I would like to be able to decide that I can put my first meeting on hold and pick up the incoming („outside”) call. 


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@Andres Gorzelany  Thanks!

Where can I find busy on busy (busy options)?


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You can find it in the Teams Admin Center, Voice - Calling Policies, also check your settings from the Teams app