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I have setup Teams.  I am the global admin for my company and access to all portals.  All Team meeting policy options and scheduling options are set to yes for me at global level.  In the desktop and web version, calendar app does not appear on the left hand side for me.  I cannot schedule meetings in team.


Stuck and need some help! I have attached screenshots.


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Check EWS of the mailbox.
Connect to exchange online powershell and run this command :
get-casmailbox -identity 'emailaddress' | fl *ews*
If its true , toggle it to false
set-casmailbox -identity 'emailaddress' -ewsenabled $false
wait for 30 minutes and then run
set-casmailbox -identity 'emailaddress' -ewsenabled $true

Hope this helps



This is to anyone also having this issue.  We did all the manual stuff  and ensured the ews stuff was done in exchange.  IN addition, if you have multiple SMTP domains that you are accepting mail for which is NOT the default of the org  but is for any of the user in question be sure to add that domain as a UPN suffix to your domain, then update the affected users domain suffix to reflect their primary/default SMTP adress.  Also the last step you will need is to enure you have a valid autodiscover record setup for ALL the domains you accept mail for. For all domains (NOT your default), set a SRV rercord up for autodiscover:


@ (for the domain)

_autodiscover (name of recrod)

0 wieght

0 priority

TCP (protocol) (target:  use your default SMTP namespace here)


Once all that is in place, re-run the hybrid wizard again and ensure all domains are selected that you require.  Also in your office 365 tennant/setup, ensure you have all the necessary cname and SRV records published for Microsoft Teams and Skype for Business under:  Admin -> Settings -> Domains


Hope this helps some of you.

I use teams with 2 accounts. The one given here for a course and a work. On the work one the calendar Icon I see but the course one, it doesn't appear!
Did you get this fixed?

@ajos0IS the missing link to Calendars related to your Exchange Server access.  There are differences among the various Microsoft Teams apps.


Could you please explain "you have to have an Exchange app assigned to a user"?

Where and how this can be assigned?

@EgilsJakovels Make sure that you have it assigned in the app list for the affected user account on Office 365 Admin > users (Check the affected user's account)




@mitchpj75 I wanted to post this becuase it took me a while to figure out what was happening. First check your App Policies in Teams admin center and be sure that the user was not put into a first line worker or other poilcy that would potential block the Calendar App.

But this is what was the issue with a few of my users - EWS

 Run Get-CASMailbox and check all EWS policies are enabled for the user


The EwsApplicationAccessPolicy parameter controls access to the mailbox using Exchange Web Services applications.

Valid values for this parameter are:

  • EnforceAllowList: Only applications specified in the EwsAllowList parameter are allowed to access the mailbox.
  • EnforceBlockList: Applications specified in the EwsBlockList parameter aren't allowed to access the mailbox, but any other applications can access the mailbox.
Yes I was testing disabling certain Basic Authentication protocols in preparation for Microsoft disabling them next year (, but when I disabled Exchange Web Services (EWS) it broke the Teams calendar. I assume they will have to update Teams to use something other than EWS then...

@richardskates  Thank you for posting this. This was exactly my situation. I had disabled Exchange Web Services on my account for testing. Outlook add-ins stopped working, seeing coworker's free/busy was broken, and of course the calendar was missing in Teams. Restoring EWS resolved these issues I'd been having for weeks.

Now my understanding is that EWS only uses basic authentication, if that is true I am wondering how we are supposed to move to only Modern Authentication?


Experienced the same Calendar missing issue right after I removed all the licenses (Business Base & Teams Exploratory) then added them back

I tried below steps and solved the problem:

1. Go to "Teams admin center"

2. "Users" > open the user who got the problem

3. "Policies" tab > "Edit" > "App setup policy" > switch it to "FirstLineWorker" > "Apply"

(you should see the change if you sign-out and sign-in with the problem account, for mine, the "Shifts" icon appeared )

4. repeat step 3, switch it back to "Global(Org-wide default)" > "Apply"

(if you receive the error message warnning you the change not applied, just reflash the page and re-do step 4, until you see the "Global(Org-wide default)" applied under "App setup policy")

5. Problem solved!






I resolved this issue by getting our admin to turn on 'Outlook on the web' in the 'Manage email apps' it took a day to filter through but solved the problem for me.

We are having this problem too! Both my boys are at the same secondary school & are starting live lessons tomorrow. They have identical chromebooks with the same operating system yet one has the calendar on and the other doesnt! I've tried accessing Teams via both the app and website and also through the schools website. I've linked it to his outlook account and checked all of the permissions. I've also had the school head of year on the phone who is speaking to the tech guy! Just can't understand it!

I had a similar problem on two MacBooks after upgrading to Big Sur. Check your Preferences->Security & Privacy->Privacy->Accessibility page and allow Teams to "control your computer". Once this was checked & the computer & Teams were restarted, Calendar reappeared on the left menu bar (at least for me!)




This works for me, it will just take 30 minutes or more to take effect.

You should sign out your MS Teams first.

@adam deltinger 
What if I don't want to connect Teams with my AD?

Thanks for the post @Alex_Xie.  This was a simple fix and it worked well for all of the users I was having a problem getting the calendar for.  Thanks for taking the time to post this. 

@DavidMitchell190 I'm struggling with this too and your post seems helpful. But I'm brand new to Microsoft - how do I assign an Exchange plan to a user? (I'm an admin)

I have the same problem and I tried to download the calendar and the following message appears:
"talk to your admin to set up your calendar"
if Microsoft didn't solve this issue ASAP we should find another application to work on.