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I am getting the following message when i try to set up a meeting in Teams Calendar:


You don't have permissions to create private meetings

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Are you an Owner of your team or just a member ? 

The Calendar is linked to the  team's mailbox 

If you have'nt  enough permission you can't do that .

Owner.  And one person trying to do same is a Member @ibnmbodji 



Are you trying to create a meeting for private channel ? 

( because this feature is still in the user voice ) 


If not may be an app issue but this one is closed  ( TM206556, Microsoft Teams, User Impact
Some users may have been unable to send and receive messages or schedule meetings and live events. Additionally, some users may have been unable to create teams and update team memberships within the Microsoft Teams service.


You can try the web version if you have the desktop one and vice versa

and add the calendar to Teams  ( an way to do that in youtube video named :  Teams Quick Tip Add Calendar to Teams. 


Admins can also restrict some actions via policies 







I have also the same issue, my user is an owner of the team and he cannot create private meeting to channel. User has full policy. I don't have idea how to solve it?

I'm using web browser Google Chrome and test on Edge too. No positive results. 


It is very strange as 30 users have the same policy and settings, but only 3 of them are impacted the issue. 

 @Elwinka96 If you try to create a meeting in a standard channel and it's not workinh  in this case you have to create a support request .If it's in a private channel unfortunately this feature is still on user voice system



You don't have permissions to create channel meeting

@Caribgodid you find a solution to this? We have a similar issue wherein the user is unable to view the channel calendar.


Make sure you're connected to the Internet.
Check that you're using the Google Calendar app.
Check that the calendar is visible.
Make sure new events are being added to your Google Calendar.
Make sure Calendar sync is turned on.
Confirm that the correct calendar is synced.