Business Voice - Is it possible to create "call schedule?"


Hi, I have set up MS Voice recently so I am familiar with the system, but I have had a client ask if a specific call schedule was possible to recreate in voice, and I'm not sure of the answer.


Basically, an auto attendant would receive a call and route to various call queues of which there are 4. One of them can be handled as "After Hours call flow" so no problem there. 

The other three numbers have varying scheduling such as:

#1: 8a-4p M-F

#2: 5p-9p M

#3: 5p-9p T-F & 8a-9p Sat + Sun

#4: after hours


Is there an easy way to do this in voice that I am not seeing?

Is there a way to use presence-based routing for this so that numbers would automatically be made busy during their 'out-of-office' hours? It would have to be automatic - not manual.

Or I could create all numbers as auto attendants and utilize for after hours call flow for each? Are there any implications in that?

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It is not possible to redirect calls to different call queues based on business hours, all calls outside of business hours will be redirect to the same destination. Maybe it would be possible for you to use multiple Auto Attendants nested.

The easiest way for you would be to use a third-party application supporting Teams voice.