Breakout rooms limitation for Teams meetings or webinars - number of participants cannot exceed 300

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As understood today, Teams breakout rooms cannot be created in meetings or webinars that have more than 300 attendees, even if the number of attendees drops to fewer than 300 during the meeting. Also, creating breakout rooms in a meeting automatically limits the number of meeting attendees to 300.


Our marketing team will not be able to fully adopt the usage of Teams (webinars) for their customer facing sessions unless this limit is increased, preferably up to 1,000 participants.

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Thank you for the feedback, the team is working to raise the limits of the meeting size with breakout rooms involved. Timeframe is H1CY22.

Hi @Bryan Nyce


Just to confirm, even if you have an E3/5 (or similar) licence that allows for 1000 participants in MS Teams Webinar, you can not have breakout rooms for more than 300?


Also, could you elaborate as to what "H1CY22" means in literal terms, please?


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Correct, 300 is the limit for Breakout Rooms.
H1CY22 -> Half 1 Calendar Year 22 -> January 2022 through June 2022.

@Bryan Nyce where will it be mentioned that this increased breakout room feature will be available or in development. I can't see it on the road map


Yes, lets get the number of participants and breakout rooms increased ASAP. We are currently having to move our large meetings to Zoom even when Teams is our main platform.
Agreed, I would appreciate seeing it on the official MS roadmap as well.
I would agree with the urgency as well. We have teams within our environment using Cisco WebEx...and some still using Zoom as well.