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HI. I had a lot of struggles to buy the paid version I had to get someone in the UK to help me. I paid because i have a very important meeting tonight of 150 prrsons where I must use break out rooms. For the last 24 hours I've been frustrated by this as the break out room menu isnt showing on my screen when I scheduled meetings. I've watched and read a lot of articles on this. i"ve tried updating my windows and even borrowed someone's laptop it al still didnt work. Your people said they would get back to me via email but never did. i really need your urgent help

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I understand how crucial it is for your meeting to go smoothly, especially with a large number of participants and the need for break out rooms. Let's troubleshoot the issue with the break out rooms not appearing in Microsoft Teams, as it sounds like you've already taken several important steps. Here are some things to consider and additional steps you can take:

1. Check Teams version
Ensure you're using the desktop client of Microsoft Teams, as break out rooms are not available on the web version. Also, make sure your Teams application is up to date: Open Teams, click on your profile picture at the top right, and select "Check for updates."

2. Verify your role and permissions
Break out rooms can only be managed by meeting organizers or presenters in Teams. Verify that you are the meeting organizer or have been assigned a presenter role. If you're organizing the meeting, you should have access to break out rooms by default. If not, the meeting might have been scheduled by someone else, or there might be an issue with your account permissions.

3. Teams admin settings
If possible, check with your organization's Teams administrator to ensure that break out rooms are enabled for your organization: Admins can go to the Microsoft Teams admin center, navigate to "Meetings" > "Meeting policies," and select the policy assigned to you. They should ensure that the "Allow breakout rooms" option is turned on.

4. Meeting scheduling method
How you schedule the meeting can impact whether you see the option for break out rooms. Try scheduling the meeting directly from the Teams desktop client instead of using Outlook or another method.

5. Reinstall teams
Since you've tried updating Windows and borrowing another laptop, consider reinstalling Teams on your device: Uninstall Teams, download the latest version from the official Microsoft Teams website, and reinstall it.

6. Prepare an alternative
As a contingency plan, consider having an alternative solution ready. For instance, you can manually create separate meeting links as "break out rooms" and distribute them to participants if the feature doesn't work as expected. It's not as seamless but can serve as a backup.

7. Microsoft documentation
Ensure you have the correct instructions for using break out rooms. Microsoft's official documentation offers comprehensive guides and troubleshooting steps.

Given the urgency and since you've experienced significant trouble, persistently reaching out to Microsoft-support is critical. If there's a specific error message or behavior when you attempt to access break out rooms, providing those details to support can help diagnose the issue more effectively.

If there's any more detailed information or a specific scenario you're encountering, feel free to share, and I'll do my best to provide further assistance.