Booking, attendees cannot bypass the lobby

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My organization uses bookings to organize some training sessions for a new application. When people enter the meeting, they are entered in the lobby, and cannot bypass the lobby to enter the meeting.


I have created a custom Teams meeting policy, and have applied the meeting policy to the meeting organizer. The custom Teams meeting policy allows everyone to bypass the lobby. I have verified that the meeting organizer gets the custom teams policy applied, but attendees are still being directed to the lobby and cannot bypass the lobby.




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If you've allowed 24 hours for the policy to take effect and it's still happening on meetings created since then, you may want to open a help desk ticket with Microsoft. What you've done should work.
Thanks Kelly, eventually i found the issue. The problem was that nobody knew who the organizer was. Eventually i found the SchedulingMailbox which lead me to following article, which helped me to put the dots together. Users are experimenting with apps way before IT ever gets a chance to get acquainted with the product, yet when it fails they expect answers.