Blurry Microsoft Teams Photo Icon

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I am running into an issue where my profile picture in Teams looks good when I am in a call but everywhere else in the desktop application the picture is blurry (i.e. - chat windows, when you hover over the picture in a meeting, etc.)


I have tried resizing the photo 10+ times... 100 x 100, 200 x 200, 300 x 300, etc., etc.


I know there is an issue because I can see other members of the organization who have a clear photo in all Teams formats - meetings, chat, hover.


Suggestions? Fixes?

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Hi @mwilliams7581   Could be that the resolution of your photo is too high.  Have you tried a lower res version?

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@adam deltinger what are the best pixel sizes please? that link says it's archived, but when i search for it, it brings me back to this post.

It is possible the resolution of that professional pic it too high to be used as a profile pic . Try uploading that copy as your profile pic and see if it is clearer .
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I've also had this problem, and find that .png images display sharper than jpgs. In my experience, anyway!

@A10tive1, thank you! I tried this as well and it did not work. I also fussed around with the resolution mentioned in the comment before yours with no luck. 

@mwilliams7581 Hi, I was having this same issue from a simple pic taken on my iPhone 14. I found that editing the picture and adding filters while still keeping the picture looking natural as if maybe no filters helped keep the picture a little crisp. I used Picsart and had to add about three different filters (you can adjust them) to essentially lower the quality of the picture, but not look like I lowered it. I think if I add one or two more filters would make the picture on Teams look crisper.

Edit: Emphasis on "crisper" in terms of the picture is wayyyy less blurry on Teams.