Block Teams meeting chat notifications for meetings you don't attend

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One of my end users scheduled an MS Teams meeting, but did not attend it. She kept getting notifications about chats occurring in the meeting. I told her how she could leave a meeting or mute it. Is there a way to always mute a meeting if you don't attend it?

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AFAIK, no! But you can connect to meeting and then go to the meeting chat in the chat tab , right click and inactivate notifications for it

@adam deltinger Thanks for the quick confirmation.  I'll let my end user know.

They changed these meetings were you basically auto join if you accept the invite. But as you and your users are experiencing that can be annoying because of chat. Microsoft has a fix coming in the pipeline for this so you can set it to not alert you until you join the meeting. So that will be nice.

@Chris Webb That'll be nice.  We'll keep an eye out for that update notification.  Thanks for the heads up.

 Is there an update on this one as one of my colleagues mentioned that they had accepted a meeting and not joined, but kept on getting the chat notifications in the meeting. They have their setting in Teams set to mute until I join, but this was not happening.


@jimmitcha, I think it's working as expected for me and I haven't heard continued complaints from our end users, although I'm not often in this situation.  Is it possible that your user has an older client installed?  I'm running

@Alex Carlock  Teams still exhibits exactly the behavior described by the OP.  Chats pop up (annoyingly) for meetings that are on my calendar but that I have not joined.  


@biteme1160 , check to be sure that Settings --> Notifications --> Meeting chat notifications is set to Mute until I join or send a message.  I'm not sure if that gets set by default after the proper update.

@Alex Carlock  Well, I had to google to find out that to get to "Settings" I have to click on my profile picture (I miss the old menu conventions where I always knew how to find things).  But when I figured that out I found that it's actually set as you described.  But I still get chat message notifications for a meeting that I have not joined.  I think it somehow adds me to a "team" whenever I'm invited to a meeting, and then I get chats that people participating in the meeting are posting.  That's undesirable behavior.






@biteme1160 , sorry I left out that beginning part.  They do bury things.  Your screenshot looks different from mine.  I see the setting is set properly, but I wonder if there's something different in your client than mine.  What version are you running?  You can find that by going to your picture --> about --> version.  I'm running 64-bit on windows 10.

@Alex CarlockI am running the latest version release by corporate IT services, which is:   Microsoft Teams Version (64-bit). It was last updated on 3/27/20. 


@biteme1160 , I think the feature should be working in that version.  Do you have the authority/ability to uninstall and reinstall the Teams client?  Or do you think you could ask them about updating to the latest and greatest?

It has to be one of two things, either the meeting is recurring and you need to leave the chat, or maybe that is the problem and recurring keeps inviting you back keeping the settings, or just mute that chat.

Or is this meeting in a channel? If so did you check the Channel notifications (... menu next to channel the meeting is in) and you need to make sure you aren't getting notifications for all messages and replies, cause if so you will get these no matter what and will have to go to the actual top message of the meeting in the channel and click the ... menu by and it turn off notifications for that thread every time as the meeting chat will follow the channel rules and not the built in chat setting discussed in previous posts.
Same issue occurring here. Meetings I accepted but did not join have chats popping up constantly. Settings-> Notifications-> Meeting Chats set to: Mute until I join or send a message. Installed version is " (64-bit). It was last updated on 6/5/20." Really need to find a way to stop the banners from happening...

I'm surprised this bug hasn't been addressed. I'm sure there are more than one who are extremely annoyed by this.


I'm often invited to Teams meetings, which I don't attend or even accept. Yet, the chat notificaitons show up on my desktop and mobile devices until I physically stop them. 



This is still happening in It's really annoying

@ronraymondI've heard it will get better when they release Teams 3.11 for Workgroups

@adam deltinger  thanks for this tip but I am not seeing where on the meeting chat I would be able to disable the chat notifications. It's driving me bonkers because I get the sound on both my laptop and cell!



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best response confirmed by Alex Carlock (Iron Contributor)
AFAIK, no! But you can connect to meeting and then go to the meeting chat in the chat tab , right click and inactivate notifications for it

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