Best Practices for Producers and presenters for Microsoft Live events


Please find some guidelines for the presenters and producers which will be helpful for the future events :


  • Make sure that you check the send bandwidth for all the presenters and producers during the pre-live mode on the final day of the event. It has to be minimum 1.2 Mbps.
  • While running the live event make sure that at home no other streaming sites are being used by other family members like (YouTube, Netflix etc.)
  • A wired internet connect would be recommended over a wireless connection.
  • Make sure none of the presenters or producers are forwarding the links from one to another which they receive in the mailbox from the organizer of the event.
  • For the audio / video content that include system audio feature is only available on Windows OS, so make sure you are using a Windows device whenever you have video or PPT with embedded audio in it.
  • While including the system audio, make sure no other audio programs are playing in the background like (Spotify, Amazon Music etc.), because the system audio will include that as well.
  • Once the live event is started, the producer should mute everyone, and this is each presenter’s responsibility to unmute themselves before they start talking.
  • Please don’t touch the END button in the live event before the actual end time of the live event , because once the event is ended can’t be re-started. However, if you want to leave the event at any point of the time then you can choose LEAVE option which is on the right top corner of the producer view and re-join the live whenever you want to.
  • All the presenters and producers need to join the live event using a Desktop application on Windows or MAC.
  • If any presenter or producer join the live event using iOS devices like (I-pad / I-phone) or Android phones then they will be re-directed to the attendee link because joining as a presenter or producer on Mobiles or I-pad devices is not available.
  • The Live event's producer or presenter view not yet supported on LINUX which includes CHROMEBOOK as well.
  • Make Sure that you have the latest version of MS Teams and Browsers if you are watching the event as an attendee.
  • For the best audio and video sync, it's recommended having a wired headset instead of a BLUETOOTH headset to avoid the audio delay.
  • Make sure there are no other meeting app running apart from MS Teams. Please kill the other meeting apps (Webex, Zoom, Skype for business etc.)from Task manager to avoid echo issues during live events.




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Great stuff @Susheel_Dogra - thanks for posting.