Auto Attendant to Call Queue rings agents as "Call for Auto Attendant"

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We've been using Teams Phone System as our main office system for a few years. Until recently, incoming calls to our main number was answered by an Auto Attendant that gives callers a menu to choose from. The options are tied to numbers (1, 2, 3, etc) that are linked to Call Queues. These queues are assigned to distribution lists containing the users who are to answer those calls. Calls would ring on the user's desktop app and the top label would say "Call from <Call Queue Name>".


For the last week or so, all calls router from the Auto Attendant to a Call Queue ring the user's assigned to the queue as "Call from Auto Attendant" and do not display which queue the caller chose.


Did Microsoft make a change to the previous behavior? Is there a setting I need to change somewhere so that users know which call queue the incoming caller has chosen?

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@rahul320 Appears that Microsoft broke something as we are having this issue as well. From the testing I did, I think it's only an issue with call queues that have Conference mode enabled. You could disable Conference mode as a temporary workaround until Microsoft fixes this.

This is happening for us as well. We have conference mode enabled on all Call Queues.
this is happening for us too, MS had fixed it previously but broken again now
This is happening to us as well. Is there no fix?