Audio Issues when using Condenser Microphones and Audio Interface for Teams Live Events

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Wondering if anyone here as experience running Teams Live Events with condenser microphones and an audio interface.  I've been having issues with my audio quality dropping and getting scrambled despite this setup working for regular team meetings.


All of the equipment is picked up by Teams without any issue.  Things always work fine during testing, but problems occur after we go live.  Here's what's happened so far:


  • Webinar week one:  Just me running the webinar, and had no reported audio issues
  • Webinar week twoColleague and I on the webinar in the same room.  They used their own headset and I used the condenser microphone.  Only reported issues were with the video not loading for a few users
  • Webinar week three:  Colleague and I are both on the webinar, in the same room again. They used their own condenser microphone fed directly into their laptop, and I used my same setup.  This time my audio was scrambled but my colleague's audio was unaffected.


Has anyone tried a setup like this for their own live events?  If so, I'd love to know where my core problem may be in my configuration.

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Hello @AlexH980   This item from our - while not exactly your issue - may give you some solutions to try.  Let's also see if others in the community have suggestions.

Unfortunately this issue continues. Can MS provide an option to disable the auto volume adjustment, the volume changes on the microphone while speaking

I think I sorted out this issue, for now no more issue:


In MS_Team, on Windows 10, go on th top right on your Icon and left click then left click on "Settings".

Select "Devices" on the left hand side and disable the noise cancelling.


MS_Teams seems tp stops playing then with the microphone volume to reduce the noise and completely over react as the condenser microphones are more sensitive than the normal one.