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I started making my thesis last month and my supervisor suggested me to communicate trough Microsoft Teams but I have a problem with attaching files. He added me to a team, which I can see in the "teams" tab, where everything seems to work fine, but in the "chat" tab, where I speak only with him, it seems that I have kind of a "lite" version of the app because I miss the attach button and the software doesn't let me drag and drop. More awkward is that he can send me files and everywhere I look for help it says "simply click the attach button and choose upload from One drive or from your computer bla bla bla...". The same happens in Windows, linux, and the web version, so I infere that it should be something regarding my account.

Does anyone has an idea if is it there some configuration or something that I'm missing?


PS: I don't know if it's related to it, but maybe this extra info helps. In the Chat it's also missing the "Meet now" button, which I don't need, but it's also missing. Finally, when I click the "Add cloud storage" button in the "files" tab, it only shows the possibility to add an "Egnyte" account but not a one drive account.

I don't need those functionalities, but I would really need your help to find the way of uploading files in the Chat.


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Do you have a OneDrive license within this tenant? Or are you logged in as a guest user?

@Vasil MichevI have the normal free One drive account made with the same email which I use to log into Teams. Now that I check, in the invitation E-mail that I received to join the group it says that I was added as a guest. Would it be a problem to upload files in the Chat? and Why then does the icon apears in the group chat?

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Yes, that's the issue. Files you upload in 1:1/group chats are stored in your OneDrive for business site (not personal OneDrive), whilst files uploaded to channel conversations are stored within the Team's site. Since you don't have an ODFB site in said tenant, you cannot upload.

@Vasil MichevMany thanks! I'll let my supervisor know

Hi All,

I have set up a Team with a number of external organisations and I don't seem to have the option to add an attachment either. Do you have any ideas what the reason would be?

@BobbieK610 I don't know what the reason is but for me, the icon appears if I pop out the chat.

@David_Jack Thank you so much for getting back. It is actually the chat while in a meeting that I am referring to and don't have the option to attach a file for some reason.  Will check out popping out the chat next time we convene externally to see if it works.


Thanks again :)

@BobbieK610 same here. The pop-out worked for me so.... fingers crossed for you.

iI have the same issue so would like the answer to this. If i join the meeting beforehand (which i have set up) it is there. As soon as people join and I want to share, it is not?


Hi all, same problem for my organization.

Last week we had two TEAMS training sessions simultaneously, we had to share three PDF files during the session.

It was done in one of the sessions sharing the files successfully in the meeting chat using the paper clip icon, but in the second session we did not see the paper clip icon, and we couldn't share the files.

Is the issue caused because someone mutes second the session?

@Vasil Michev What if nobody in an internal  organization meeting can't share a file? All of the people have software licenses. Thank you 


I am not sure why it is. I can join the meeting prior to its start the paperclip icon is there - when others join, it is not. I am often running these with people outside my organisation so that may be the issue - I just do not know.

@David_Jack Hi what do u mean pop out menu cause i cant see the atachement. Please help