Appending Outlook replies to a Teams Message thread

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I'm looking for a way to forward an Outlook reply to a pre-existing message thread within a Team Channel.  I know I can forward an entire Outlook conversation to Teams to create a new message thread but I want to be able to just append to an existing thread.  Can this be done?

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@schaeffda No, that can't be done. 


There is a update coming that will integrate Outlook with Teams more so that you can share from Outlook to Teams but I doubt that will allow you to share into an existing thread.

I mean technically you can probably use graph api to do it with a Power App but there is no built in way as Linus pointed out ;).

Your best way is the good ole fashion snipping tool for a quick email window grab and paste as a reply. You could also save as in Outlook then attach that eml as a reply but that could junk up your channels file folder.