Any way to make Private meetings not show the name on Teams Rooms Phones?

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When someone sets up a Teams meeting, invites a conference room, and checks the Private box, the meeting room has access to the meeting details and shows the name of the meeting on the phone display in that room (Yealink CP960).  Is there any way to have the name not show up for Private meetings even though the room was invited to the meeting so other people using the room can't see the name of it?



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On the Exchange mailbox, Set-CalendarProcessing is the command that controls how meeting room mailboxes handle invites. I think the one you're looking for is 


Set-CalendarProcessing -Identity -AutomateProcessing AutoAccept -RemovePrivateProperty $false


I think from the doco that will make it honour the Private flag.

@ryan-whitehelmThanks for the idea.  I just checked the CalendarProcessing settings for the room in question, and a few others,  and they already has the RemovePrivateProperty set to False.

We have the same issue. Did you find a solution?