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I've been using Teams for a while, but now we're getting the whole company on Teams. The messages whenever a person joins or leaves a team is super distracting.  Couldn't figure out how to disable these notifications.   

"XXX has added YYY to the team."
"XXX has removed YYY from the team."
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You cannot disable these notifications by design. They are there for data governance and security.

If this is a feature you would like to see added, there have been a few submissions on UserVoice, but none have really gotten any traction.

As a workaround, simply don't make the General channel the main focus for conversations. In my org we limit the general channel for Team-wide updated and notifications. 


Thanks for your response, @Brad Groux.

That makes sense why it exists, and enabled out of the box. 

Hopefully, in the future, they can make it a togglable feature. 


Also: I found a UserVoice that got a bit more traction:

Feel free to vote for it! =P


@adam11  This is especially annoying when you are trying to create a clean, company / Org wide Channel when the whole company is automatically added to it. If you want to just use the Channels for announcements and one-way communications, the clean look of the channel is always messed up when people are added or formally join the Team. Toggling this on and off for Org-wide challens would be a logical change they should make. 


@4BobRandall @adam11 @Brad Groux   Hi, all - there was a recent tweet about this and changes are coming soon.