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We are starting to use Microsoft Team in the company. We have automatic startup set up when the user logs in to Windows 10 and we need it to start in minimized mode and there's no way.


The problem is that every time we turn on the computer, Teams starts and you see the last conversation, last work computer, etc and we don't want it to be seen because there may be confidential information that we don't want to show when we turn on the computer to have a meeting with an external party.


Can you add some functionality in the menu that allows the execution of Teams in minimized mode? With Microsoft Skype for Business it is possible and we don't understand why not with Teams.


Thank you

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If you check in settings you have the option "Open application in background", that will start Teams but it will only run in the background and not as open window when the computer starts. Test that setting.



There is also a uservoice requesting this setting to be configured globaly.



Thanks @Linus Cansby 


I didn't see this menu, but now I have found it!!!. It's is at the top right of Teams application click in the "avatar"!! ;)




Great that you found the setting and I hope it will do what you wanted. Cheers!

@Linus Cansby 

Unfortunately this option is not available in Linux version.

Yes, the setting is there, but it does not do anything. I have tried uncheckin and checking it again, but Teams still opens up in a window, not minimized, after a restart. Any ideas for how to fix this? @Linus Cansby 

@mstendah You could try clearing cache and/or reinstall Teams from your computer.

@Linus Cansby Running Microsoft Teams Version (64-bit).  I've got the same problem (application launches full screen every time even with "open in background" setting checked).  Cleared the Teams cache and no change

Start Teams with this parameter:
Update.exe --processStart "Teams.exe" --process-start-args "--system-initiated"

or in the registry:
Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00
"com.squirrel.Teams.Teams"="C:\\Users\\xxxx\\AppData\\Local\\Microsoft\\Teams\\Update.exe --processStart \"Teams.exe\" --process-start-args \"--system-initiated\""



ich had the same problem under Linux (Ubuntu 18.04 with XFCE4-Desktop). After some research on the WEB I applied a suggested solution using python3 and xdotools.

Here the link to python scripts.

I use the solution that uses the PID of the process and it works fine for me.

Also I removed the standard "MS-Teams" default autostart entry from xfce4 (I deactivate the checkbox under the settings of Teams) and added a new one that call a shell script that call the python script. The autostart entry on my system is located undeŕ: ~/.config/autostart/startMicrosoftTeamsMinimized.desktop.

I have attached some shell/python/desktop files.

Have fun



@ale974 This is a great solution. Can you provide similar script for Windows? I need to achieve the same.

@gardenzwerg The registry change suggested is not working. Do you know any alternate way?

@dpjha Hi, don't know what has been done or not. But I would try this.


1. Verify the checkbox "start in background" is ticked and sign out of Teams desktop manually (top right corner).

2. Clear Teams cache (reset the app) by deleting all content here %appdata%\Microsoft\Teams

3. Sign into Teams and verify the start up behavior.

4. If it doesn't work. Uncheck the box and sign out of Teams manually and then back in and check it again.

5. If still no luck, reset all Teams autostart settings and then go to the Teams settings and verify. 

6. If you need to manage the entire autostart process you can use this. 




@Linus Cansby That does not prevent Teams from launching into an "in focus" window.

@jbarberan Late to the party here, but we've attempted to automate it here in case it helps anybody who stumbles upon this post in future:



Thank you, that did it for me. I had to use the command line to disable media keys as well.