Allow certain accounts to have permissions to invite guests to Teams

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I am trying to enable the 'Allow Guest' access to Teams. However, I have an issue. My boss wants certain users to have such access, bacically himself and the management (a total of approx. 12 people). 

I cannot find a way to allow guest access permissions to certain users only in my Office 365 A3 educational license.


I read the following article:


However, I cannot find any information on the net on how to restrict is to certain users once enabled. I only found out that the owner of the Teams chat will have access to invite guests. But I don't wont ANY owner to have such permissions.


Is there a way to grant the guest access to certain users only please?

Thanks in advance.

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@SASITAsmin Hi, you should look at the "External collaboration settings" in the Azure portal.



Enable B2B external collaboration settings - Azure AD | Microsoft Docs