A way to stop duplicate notifications?

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Is there a way to stop duplicate notifications on multiple devices while using Teams? For example when I am on the desktop and doing work, when I receive a notification it also pops up on the phone at the same time. I though that if the desktop Teams app is in focus and being used there is no need to ping the phone with a full notification. After a while it starts getting annoying. I mean yes I could disable notification on the phone but once I am way from the desktop the phone notification would all need to re-enabled which is annoying.

This for example is how my smartwatch works, if the phone is unlocked and used the smartwatch will not show notification since the phone is doing it already. This would be useful to have in teams as well, where is a Teams client is active don't ping for a full notification on other devices/instances.

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You need to turn on block notifications when active on desktop. This can be found doing the following:

1. Open Teams on your mobile
2. Browse to Chat
3. Click your profile icon
4. Click Notifications
5. Ensure "When active on desktop" under "Block Notifications" is set to Allowed.