A Tab fitted to manage office seat booking?

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I am trying to find an easy and effective to way for my team to manage the "back to the office" in a hybrid and COVID friendly enviroment. We have not that much space to be all in the office at the same time, and some of them don't go to the office the same day each week.

I think something based on sticky notes/sprints like Task to do & Planner would be nice: people can take the "task(s)" with their name and move it to the day(s) -buckets- they're coming; a colorful label with the code of the desk to know wich one will be booked. But I prefer to avoid adding another exact tab to not confuse them.


Any suggestions from Micrososft that doesn't need to register addittionally? 

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How about setting up room or resource mailboxes to represent the desks? That's probably the way I would go. Although you would not be able to add these as tabs in teams.  I think this would work well though.